We’re the NETWORK that let dentists be dentists.

How We’re

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At NoFrills Dental, you can focus on what you do best. That doesn’t mean you need to relegate
ownership! As a NoFrills Dental franchisee you keep 100% of the ownership and clinical autonomy.
Providing excellent patient care is what you do; providing the expertise you need in order to grow
your practice or start a new practice is what we do. You can enjoy your work while we watch metric
trends. Make a patient smile while we monitor patient retention. Go home to see your family
whenever you want because with NoFrills Dental you’re still the boss, not an employee.
There’s a reason many of the most successful companies in the world use the franchise model…
we’ve brought it to dentistry!


Invest in the future of dentistry with NoFrills.

WHO CAN FRANCHISE the nofrills brand?

To make our vision a reality, we look to work with: 

  • New graduates
  • Experienced dentists looking to finally start their own practice
  • Existing single outlet dental practices.
  • Corporate dental chains looking for an exit strategy.

NoFrills Dental dentists are committed, flexible, positive and committed to perpetual advancement – experts at the forefront of patient holistic care.

NoFrills Dental Franchise is interested in helping doctors open New Turn-key Practices or Franchising under the Nofrills brand.

Our offices typically include:

  • 2 chairs
  • Dentists that are committed to improving operational efficiency and building a long-term relationship with NoFrills Dental.


We consider NoFrills Dental’s business model recession proof and believe it offers long-term success. We work hard and believe in treating our franchised partners like family.

As a company built by professionals to support dentists, NoFrills Dental understands your needs and offers the right amount of non-clinical support to help you practice in the long term.

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