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At NOFRILLS, we’ve created AN ALL NEW EXPERIENCE IN DENTISTRY; our patients tell us so every day. But when a seasoned dentist or investor appreciates this business opportunity – well, that is truly flattering! Thank you for your interest in our Brand Partner program.

Luckily for us, not many dental practices have attractive and fresh new business models. But at NOFRILLS, our NOFRILLS brand is our biggest selling point! No competitor has been able to capture the culture and innovative approach to dentistry like NOFRILLS. And that means huge opportunities for growth and expansion!

NOFRILLS competes directly within the dental segment. We are a more attractive practice that not only provides, but requires better unconditional service, can-do attitudes and simply a more exciting culture than our competition. Our carefully engineered systems simplify the NOFRILLS operation, empowering skilled operators to dominate our segment in home markets.

The full Discovery Process from initial contact to awarding of your own NOFRILLS franchise generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

NoFrills Discovery Process

You’re on your way to becoming your own boss!
Once you’ve decided on choosing our franchise, we are there to support you every step of the way through the application process.


You make your initial enquiry and discuss your needs with our Franchise Recruitment Executive who will conduct a phone interview and work towards finding a suitable site that meets your requirements


You will be provided with a Franchisee Application for completion. A site specific budget estimate is offered. Having received this information, you are now able to consider finance options. NoFrills Dental will then assess your application keeping in touch with you along the way.


You will be invited to take part in a formal operational interview with a NoFrills Dental rep. This report will be added to your application for approval. You may also wish to consult independent legal and financial specialists for additional advice. We also encourage you to visit existing stores and meet with existing franchisees.


If your suitability is confirmed, we request further information on your financial position and ability to open and operate your franchise. A refundable deposit is required on return of this information.


If approved, the NoFrills Dental Legal Department will forward you a conditional franchise approval letter, this should be signed and returned to the Company. Once this is received, NoFrills Dental will confirm your training intake. You are then formally invited to our Head Office to meet your Franchise support team. You will now have obtained finance approval, ensuring that the finance allows for the making of progress payments.


NoFrills Dental now provides you with the formal franchise grant documentation. You will have sought mandatory independent legal advice (it is also recommended that you seek financial and business advice at this time). You execute and return the franchise grant documentation with all of the requested deposits or progress payments. A cooling off period may prevail.


Your training at the NoFrills Dental Head Office is undertaken. Staged progress payments commence. During this time, the shop fitter’s contract is completed and payment of any outstanding balances is made.


NoFrills Dental provides you with ongoing support in aspects of your business including administration, financial management, local marketing, retail operations and customer service. You will receive regular visits from your local Business Development Manager, as well as being provided with newsletters and other communication pieces. You are now part of the network of franchisees and have access to regular franchise group meetings where you can share ideas, discuss problems and participate in the ongoing development of the franchise system.

Renew Your Freedom

At NOFRILLS DENTAL, a wide variety of support professionals are aligned under the same goal – alleviating your non-clinical responsibilities and offering you the resources needed to advance.

Not sure how to communicate your office brand to possible patients?

Our marketing team can offer proven techniques and strategies.
Let our accounting professionals help provide accurate data and reporting.
Our IT team can implement cutting edge technology and provide the support to go along with it.
Our HR and recruiting teams are experienced and trained to do just that.

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