This program is for Singaporeans born from 1 January 1950 to 31 December 1959, and who became a Singapore Citizen on or before 31 December 1996. The package is also given to seniors who do not receive the Pioneer Generation Package, but were born on or before 31 December 1949, and became a Singapore Citizen on or before 31 December 1996. 

Receive Funding Assistance for Your Dental Care

Merdeka & Pioneers

Dental care can be very costly in Singapore, but you may not have to shoulder the cost alone. MOH offers financial assistance to both Merdeka Generation and Pioneer Generation members to help them look after their dental health.

How much in subsidies does Merdeka Generation provide?

Special subsidy rates for MG cardholders. MG cardholders can enjoy up to $16 – $261.50 in dental subsidies per procedure, depending on the procedure.

Log on to or call 1800-2255-663 for details of top-up locations.

subsidy for merdeka generation

Consultations @ $25.50

  1. Up to 2 consultations per calendar year, with a 6-month interval between the 2 consultation claims in the year
  2. Only for (i) initial consults for new patients; or (ii) follow-up visits where there are new clinical indications that suggest the need for a new treatment plan and a full oral examination and update of patient’s dental chart is required.
  3. A full oral examination should be conducted at each consultation, and all dental records must be updated, including base charting, and kept for audit. Dental charting must include the presence /absence of teeth, restorations and their conditions, documentation of soft tissue condition (e.g., presence of soft tissue lesions such as ulcers, white patches, dry mouth, etc.), condition of the dental ridges, condition of existing dentures (if any), as well as relevant medical history.
  4. Cannot be claimed for reviews during or after a dental treatment procedure.

subsidy for merdeka generation – extractions

Anterior Teeth @ $33.50

Posterior Teeth @ $73.50

  1. Up to 4 extractions per calendar year (shared across all types of extraction i.e. 4 extractions in total for anterior and/or posterior extractions).
  2. Only claimable if extraction is done on natural teeth.

subsidy for merdeka generation – Tooth fillings

Simple Fillings @ $35.00

Complex Fillings @ $55.00

  1. Up to 6 fillings per calendar year (shared across all types of fillings).
  2. Cannot be claimed for fissure sealants/ flowable composites, for the purpose of gap closure, and any repeat filling on the same tooth (within 3 months of an earlier filling treatment).
  3. Simple filling refers to Class I, V or VI based on Black’s classification. Complex filling refers to Class II, III or IV based on Black’s classification.
  4. All cervical restoration (CL V) will be coded as a simple filling regardless of size of extensions to the adjacent surfaces (e.g. mesial, distal, occlusal, buccal, palatal).

subsidy for merdeka generation – Removable dentures

Complete (Upper or Lower) @ $261.50

Partial, Simple (Upper or LOWER) @ $103.00

Partial, Complex (Upper or Lower) @ $215.00

  1. Up to 1 upper and 1 lower denture per 3 calendar years.
  2. Claims can only be submitted upon successful issue of denture to patient. Claims cannot be made in advance before successful issue of denture.
  3. Removable Denture, Partial, Simple: For replacement of less than 6 teeth.
  4. Removable Denture, Partial, Complex: For replacement of 6 or more teeth
  5. Claims can only be submitted upon successful issue of denture to patient. Claims cannot be made in advance before successful issue of denture.

subsidy for merdeka generation – DENTURE repair

Denture Reline/Repair @ $80 

  1. Up to 1 upper and 1 lower denture reline/repair per calendar year.
  2. Cannot be claimed for upper denture reline/repair if upper removable denture (complete or partial) has been claimed within 3 months. Same applies for lower. This 3-month limit applies to all dentures (regardless of new or old denture).
  3. Denture Reline is defined as an intraoral procedure with the addition of any material to the tissue surface of the denture to improve the fit/ contact between the denture and oral structures.
  4. Denture Repair is defined as an addition of denture teeth/ retentive elements (e.g. rests/ clasps), addition of missing acrylic segments of denture, and restoration of 2 or more damaged/separate denture components (e.g. a “cracked” denture).
  5. Required to document reasons why a patient requires denture reline/repair, and how the denture repair/reline was carried out.

subsidy for merdeka generation – Dental crowns

Permanent Crown @ $132.50

  1. Up to 4 permanent crowns per calendar year.
  2. Only for crowns and bridge abutments on natural teeth. Claims can be made for onlays, 3/4 crowns, 7/8 crowns, etc, that provide coronal coverage and cuspal protection.
  3. Only for crowns fabricated from metal (excluding stainless steel), ceramics, zirconia, and metal-ceramic combinations.
  4. Only claimable if permanent crown is done on permanent dentition.
  5. Cannot be claimed for implant-supported crowns, mini-implant supported crowns, inlays, resin retained bridges (acid etched bridges) and pontics for bridges.
  6. Claims can only be submitted upon completion of crown procedure. Claims cannot be made in advance.

subsidy for merdeka generation – recementation

Re-cementation @ $40.00

  1. Up to 2 re-cementations per calendar year.
  2. Only for dislodged permanent crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays with coverage on natural teeth as abutments (excludes implant crowns). Cannot be claimed for dislodged implant retained crowns.

subsidy for merdeka generation – root canal treatment

Pre-molar @ $215.00

Molar @ $261.50

  1. Up to 2 RCTs per calendar year (shared across all types of RCT).
  2. Pulpectomy procedure, X-Ray and any intermediate restoration (if necessary) must be included as part of whole RCT procedure, and not claimed separately.
  3. Cannot be claimed for deciduous (milk) teeth
  4. Cannot be claimed for re-treatment of a previously root canal treated tooth.
  5. Claims can only be submitted upon completed treatment. Claims cannot be made in advance.
  6. The following documentation must be present when claiming for RCT (for audit purposes):
    1. Pre root canal treatment and/or working length determination radiograph(s)
    2. Post obturation radiograph
    3. Relevant treatment notes

subsidy for merdeka generation – scaling & polishing

Scalling @ $35.00

Polishing @ $25.50

  1. Up to 2 scaling & polishing per calendar year, and 1 scaling & 1 polishing per visit.
  2. Cannot be claimed for polishing of dentures/ removable prosthesis.

subsidy for merdeka generation – fluoride treatment

Topical Fluoride @ $25.50

  1. Up to 2 topical fluoride per calendar year, and 1 topical fluoride per visit.
  2. If topical fluoride is claimed, it must be supported with relevant base charting, and kept for audit. Dental chartingmust include relevant medical history and assessment of patient’s need for topical fluoride, for e.g. patient with cavity in the past 12 months

subsidy for merdeka generation – x-ray

X-ray @ $16

  1. Up to 6 X-rays per calendar year.
  2. Can be claimed for OPG, PA and bitewings. Each of these can be claimed as a single X-ray, not multiple X-rays.
  3. Cannot be claimed for cone-beam CTs and Lateral Cephalometric Radiographs.
  4. Radiographs must be kept for audit. Each radiograph should be labelled with the patient’s NRIC and the date the radiograph was taken.

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